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Natural Stone Balustrades

Throughout history, natural stone balustrades have enhanced the beauty and character of fine architecture. In Euro Italia Stone we proud ourselves of utilizing state-of-the-art technology, to produce classic balustrade designs that provide rich detailing with significant advantages for any application.

With quality and design in mind, our travertine, granite, limestone or marble balustrade enhance any staircase, patio, or enclosed area. Balusters are the main instrument used in balustrade to create a desired appearance.

Decorative Balustrades and Railing Systems

Top railings and bottom railings accent the balusters while the newel posts provide balance. Accessories such as newel caps and finals finish the completed look. Thinner balusters project a flowing, comfortable atmosphere, while thicker more prominent baluster styles have a colonial or structured feel. Tall, short, round, or square, we can create a balustrade system for your ideal design.

Because natural stone products last forever by being moisture and mildew resistant, cracks and rot typically found in wood and other materials, can be avoided.

Travertine, granite, limestone or marble balustrades from Euro Italia Stone will coordinate beautifully with your existing architectural style. Travertine Balustrade define entranceways, verandas, terraces, lanais, porches, decks and balconies. These structural architectural gems accentuate your residential or commercial outdoor areas and create a beautiful space that sets you apart from the rest.

Create the ambiance you desire, from the Classical to the Colonial, and the Italianate to the Contemporary. Contact us for design ideas and quotations.