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Marble Tiles

Marble is a timeless fashion classic that has been used for many centuries as a building material as well as for sculptures and monuments. Marble's natural beauty is seen in many outstanding masterpieces including the famous Taj Mahal in India. Today, many homeowners are finding that marble tile adds an aura of splendor and elegance to a room's decor.

Marble consists of sediments, seashells or other ocean debris and minerals that over time, heat and pressure eventually crystallize into marble. During the marble stone's formation fissures filled with minerals create the beautiful veining colorations that add to marble's appearance and visual appeal. This also makes each marble tile unique and never exactly alike. Marble's patina is achieved by polishing the marble tile, which further enhances the visual appearance and distinctive colorations within each tile.

Marble tiles are usually only used in interiors as floor tile or around fireplaces and in bathroom shower or tub enclosures. The tiles come in many different sizes and various natural earth-tone colorations. Generally the marble tile's finish are either polished or tumbled to give a more worn appearance.

Special, stone impregnating sealers are recommended. General cleaning is dust mopping and if needed use special, ph-balanced, stone cleaners. Never use acidic cleaners (like vinegar) on marble tiles.